Blood Bank Drive

Brethren of the District are continually encouraged to donate blood to The Bahamas Blood Bank, located at the Princess Margaret Hospital, to assist our fellow Brethren and citizens. We are cognizant of the fact that the blood we donate may save a life and therefore we will continue to support this initiative and encourage others to do so.

Supporting The Aids Foundation

Every year the District Grand Lodge of The Bahamas, Scottish Constitution supports AIDS Foundation through the sale of tickets and attending their events to raise necessary funding and create greater awareness of the cause.

COVID-19 Safety

The District Grand Lodge of The Bahamas, Scottish Constitution continues to encourage Brethren to be safe and take necessary precautions during this global pandemic. The creation of a COVID-19 Committee, ensures that the District is kept abreast of all new developments and protocols.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross of The Bahamas carries out work throughout the archipelago of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas that is necessary for the protection, safety and well-being of our people. In that regard, the District assists the Red Cross annually with the sale of raffle books to assist with their good works.