As Scottish Freemasonry continues to advance in The Bahamas, so has the need grown for the District and its daughter Lodges to focus on the construction of a Scottish Masonic Complex on existing property owned by Scottish Masonic Holdings, situate on Dolphin Drive, on the island of New Providence. It is also our intent to raise funds for the construction of Temples, on the islands where Scottish Freemasonry is practiced:

Grand Bahama


Our legacy is well established, but we also want want to leave a future legacy that takes into consideration the need for proper functioning facilities to continue to advance the work of the District and the expanding number of daughter Lodges.


Pray: We value prayer for the advancement of Scottish Freemasonry and see dedicated prayer warriors as our greatest need. Lifting our needs up in prayer to the Great Architect of the Universe we trust the Great Architect will receive the glory through this campaign and that Freemasonry will continue to advance the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.


Tell Others: We encourage you to tell others of our needs. We know there are many in and outside Freemasonry all over the world, that would be interested in helping.

Give: We want you to be inspired and encouraged to give financially to our needs. We thank the Great Architect of the Universe for you and your generous gift. Your gift will go a long way to ensuring that we continue to build a lasting legacy for the Scottish District in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.