Brethren, as we transition into a new era of Freemasonry throughout our archipelago, let us always endeavor to always give thanks to TGAOTU, please encourage Brotherly Love and Care for each other, and our families. Follow our Constitution & Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and our By Laws of our respective Lodges. Brethren, without fear or favor we must always move to improve the prevailing circumstances of Brethren and our Lodges. MASONIC PRIDE &; RESPECT MUST REMAIN PARAMOUNT. Brethren, always have “Pride and Respect” in the manner in which you govern yourselves in and out of Lodge. Let no other man or a Freemason ever make you feel uncomfortable for your Masonic choices in life. Never allow nobody to ever discount you or your character, or aid and encourage you to develop a sense of an inferiority complex of yourself as a man and a Freemason. Never allow no man or Freemason to encourage negativity in your beliefs, attitude, values or skills, for we are All ON THE SAME LEVEL no matter our wealth, station or class. Remain humble, self respecting, charitable and kind, for we all will one day drop the working tools of life, and step into the house of the Lord. Freemasonry teaches us to love, not divide, not to undermine, hate or create mischief to advance personal or non-masonic agendas or conduct. We must continue to work together despite our differences in opinions and Masonic choices, which nature has so admirably shared with all men. As we enter into the season of Lent, I pray for each and every member of our Scottish Masonic Constitution and every Brother who adorn the lambskin of our other Masonic Constitutions. May TGAOTU continue to guide us and bless you and your families. Let us always keep our Brothers and their families in our prayers who may be challenged in any way at this time. Brethren, do your best to have a safe and productive week, be safe and always observe the recommended Covid-19 protocols. Always, Brotherly Love.❤️? DGM

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