District Grand Lodge of The Bahamas

Holding Under the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

P.O. Box CB-13155. Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas





1. Message from the Right Worshipful District Grand Master



I wish to inform the District Grand Lodge and the Daughter Lodges that on October

26, 2023, at the Regular Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Brother Joseph R. Curry, IPDGM, was elected to the Governance and Strategic Board of the Grand Lodge. Brother Curry was one of nine Brethren elected to serve as a Board Member.


The Board is the replacement and equivalent of the Grand Committee of the Grand Lodge and is charged with the responsibility of the governance and strategic deliberations of Committees of the Grand Lodge and making recommendations to the Communications of Grand Lodge for approval. 


With his election, Brother Curry becomes the only elected member of the Board from outside of Scotland and reflects the efforts of the Grand Lodge, and in particular the Immediate Past Grand Master Mason, Brother W. Ramsay McGhee, to include and deepen the participation of the Districts at the level of Grand Lodge. 

It is too, a reflection of the high esteem with which Brother Curry is held in the Masonic/Grand Lodge family.


I invite you to join me in congratulating Brother Curry on his election and ask that you lend your support and encouragement to him.

2. Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers No. 1816

Lodge Eleutheran Adventurers held its Regular Meeting on Saturday 13th

January, 2024 at 7:00p.m


3. Lodge St. Joseph No. 1838

Lodge St. Joseph will hold its Regular

Meeting by Dispensation on Wednesday

17th January, 2024 at 7:00p.m



4. Lodge Maxwell No. 1837 Lodge Maxwell will hold its Installation Meeting on Saturday 20th January, 2024 at 3:00p.m at the Central Abaco Primary School.

. Grand Master Mason Update

Please see below an update from the Grand Master Mason.

Warm fraternal greetings to you and your families and to all in Scottish Freemasonry worldwide.


I would like to thank you all for the personal commitment you put into our wonderful Order and for your time and resources that make Scottish Freemasonry second to none.  All your work has shone a light on our Order, letting others see the effect that we continue to have and our growth as an organisation.


Well done!


It is an honour to again be your Grand Master Mason and to serve all the Brethren as we move forward together.


For your information at this stage, it has been decided that we will move away from issuing a weekly Grand Master Mason’s update and towards a Grand Lodge Newsletter—probably issued four times a year—which will contain a wide range of articles and information.  I was, however, very keen to write to you all personally immediately after my installation and thank you for your support before we start this new venture.


We are now doing things differently and, on many occasions, we are being forced to adapt to new ways of operation.  To enable us to grow our influence, as an Order we have to focus on how we move forward.  Let us, of course, stop and celebrate a little all the achievements we have made.  We must most certainly celebrate and thank Most Worshipful Brother Ramsay McGhee for his term as Grand Master Mason and for the positive impact he has had on Scottish Freemasonry.  But as Brethren, you have done many good, and some great, things that we need to detail:


  • There is a long list of charitable groups, but also a long list of Scottish Freemasons who, as individuals, serve their community as volunteers and make unique responses to making the lives of others better.
  • We continue to cross boundaries in our world. We are an organisation that has no borders—we will continue to work together for “unity” and “harmony”.
  • We are an organisation open to new discoveries and knowledge—just look at how we have used and shared knowledge on platforms such as Zoom in recent years.
  • We are an organisation that is welcoming and which cares for others, and we have evidence of this through our charitable works.


I was recently perusing the writings of some Korean poets and came across words that stuck with me and that I wish to share with you:


The most exciting thing in life is setting out!


Upwards and onwards,


Brother Joe Morrow Grand Master Mason



6. Thought for Today

FURNITURE – The furniture of a Masons’ lodge ought to be disposed with the same scrupulous exactness as the furniture of the tabernacle which Moses made according to the pattern which the Deity shewed him in the mount. The tracingboard should be placed on the Master’s pedestal, underneath the bible, square and compasses; the first great light being displayed in Ruth. This is for the first degree. The book of constitutions is placed before the Past Master; the globes in the west; the rough ashlar in the north-east, the perfect ashlar in the north-west, while the Master Masons should take their station in the southwest, and Past Masters in the southeast; the Secretary in the north, and the Treasurer in the corner of Amorites. 


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